About CMS

Welcome to Case Management System.

Your all-in-one platform for managing your USCIS cases efficiently and staying updated with the latest changes. Our application provides a compact and comprehensive portal to streamline the management of all your USCIS cases, offering valuable features and benefits to our users.

Solving Your Case Management Challenges

At CMS, our purpose is to solve the problem of scattered case management by offering a centralized platform for all your USCIS cases. We understand the complexities and difficulties involved in managing multiple cases simultaneously. Our application simplifies this process by consolidating all your cases into a single portal, making it easier for you to track and monitor their progress.

Value for Our Users

Our CMS application offers immense value to users by providing them with essential features and functionalities that empower their case management process. Here are some key benefits you can expect:

Centralized Information

Access all your USCIS cases in a single portal. Our application eliminates the need to navigate multiple platforms, saving you time and effort.


Comparison and Insights

Gain valuable insights by comparing your case with others. Our system provides information on the number of pending cases within the same date as yours, allowing you to assess the status of your case relative to others.


Confirmation and Travel Authorization

Stay informed about the number of confirmed cases and travel authorizations posted within the same date as your current case. This information helps you gauge the overall progress and trends of USCIS cases.


Key Features

Case Adding

Easily add and manage your USCIS cases within our system. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to input and organize your case information for efficient tracking.

Case History

Access a detailed history of your cases, including previous updates and actions taken. This feature allows you to review past activities and understand the progression of your cases over time.

Daily Reporting

Receive daily reports on the latest changes made by USCIS on all your cases. Our system automatically fetches updates and presents them in an organized manner on your dashboard, keeping you well-informed.

Meet Our Team

CMS is developed and maintained by GolabsTech, represented by Djimmy and Mike, two highly skilled software engineers specializing in developing innovative software solutions. With their expertise and passion for creating cutting-edge applications, they have brought CMS to life, offering you a seamless and efficient case management experience.


Mike-Nerly Eustache


PS Core Huawei Engineer | Software Developer


Djimmy Poliard


Full Stack Software Developer

Take advantage of CMS's features to streamline your case management process. SignUp to gain insights into your case history, track your current case status, and stay informed about the number of cases within the same date as yours, as well as the number of confirmed cases and travel authorizations posted.

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